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365 Days of Christmas

Did you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior? I hope it was full of rich memories. Our day was filled with family activities. It was sweet and special to have quiet time with my loved ones before running off to church and other festivities. I repeated to myself throughout the day how I couldn't believe that Christmas was today and then, towards the end of the evening, how it was over. How the weeks proceeding Christmas were full of anticipation. Shopping, volunteering, and gatherings, and to think it all ended in a day. Kind of sad to see it all over. When I moped that Christmas was over, I sensed the Holy Spirit asking me, "Why does it have to end in a day? Why can't it be all year round?" Why can't we continue the celebration of Jesus' birth by continuous celebration? Live daily with anticipation, give gifts all year long, serve others and continue to gather. I agree! Let's celebrate Christmas every day. Be intentional and share the true meaning of Christmas beyond December 25th. Let's continue to spread "Mighty Christ Encounter" every day. Share the joy ALL the time. Generously give gifts whenever and for whatever. And for extra measure, bake and share cookies more often☺. We don't have to wait 365 days and save all of this until next Christmas to do it. Delight in our Savior's birth and spread Mighty Christ Encounter ALL the time.

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