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Since the pandemic last year, I have watched my son play at his volleyball tournaments via my cellphone. One of the coaches streams the matches live so those who cannot attend can watch and cheer on the team remotely. Typically, I have the volume on high to join the upbeat tempo and experience the excitement from home. At the same time, I can also hear the opposing team and their calculating remarks towards our boys, which lead to frustration and maybe some anger. (It's probably a good thing I'm not there. ☺)

Anyway, during this last tournament, I watched my oldest son, who was two hours away, play his set without the volume so I could listen and converse with my younger son, who was standing right in front of me. It's like being in two places at once—the perks of technology. I absolutely loved that I could mute the chatter and the noise from the game to pay closer attention to the conversation.

In 2022, I plan to use the mute option not just in loud tournament settings but also in other life areas that are not life-giving. Just as I do a closet declutter, I will do a mental and spiritual declutter. It's vital to my mental, physical and spiritual health to discern what's important and silence what is not.

We owe ourselves a better version of ourselves by pushing the mute button more often in 2022!

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