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Above and Beyond

Besides being with family and enjoying Thanksgiving festivities, I love to listen to what everyone is thankful for. It allows me to appreciate their list as well as offer my own.

This year, I'm incredibly thankful for relationships. A handful that have been through thick and thin with me and are still willing to remain actively a part of it. There are absolutely no words to describe my appreciation for them. And it's not always directly to me, either. The way people are considerate of my husband or love on my children as if they are their own blows my mind. From the simplest expression of thoughtful texts to extravagant gifts, I remain speechless. My jaw drops in disbelief whenever I think of their generosity of resources, finances, and time. I often find myself saying, "Who even does that?" and "What did I ever do to be blessed with such people in my life?" Even though some are family, they go above and beyond. And then there are the others who are not blood-related but love more like family. I know God loves me so much because He has surrounded me with the best circle of people.

I am also grateful to the Lord for you. I know your time is valuable, so I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my weekly posts. Your encouraging texts humble me and remind me to remain authentic and transparent as I generate my thoughts here every week. Thank you. A tradition my family and I will start doing this Thanksgiving is to see who can create the longest gratitude list. It will be fun to see who can outdo the other. In the end, everyone wins because the reflection alone is priceless. You should try it, too, and see what you come up with. Have a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving! May it be a rich time with those you love and adore.

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