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Another One

I love looking at photos, especially of my kiddos.  I love reminiscing about the memories and the feelings I had.  My phone is set up to automatically send me pictures so I can walk down memory lane every day.  Last week, one of those snapshots was of my daughter and her younger brother when she was five, and he was about two.  They weren't doing anything significant.  They were sleeping in a hotel bed, catching up on their zzz's.  I could recall when, where, and why we snapped it, but it looks like an average picture to anyone else.  I sent it to my daughter, who said she wished to be that age again.  I quickly responded that one day, she would look at photos of herself at her current age, 19, and say the same thing.  I reminded her that we never know what tomorrow will bring, so she should enjoy her life today.

I should take some of my own advice.  I celebrated another year around the sun last week and wasn't thrilled.  I was fighting a cold and very tired, so I was not in the mood to celebrate.  Plus, my mind was preoccupied with issues happening around me, as well as the current events with my children, so my birthday felt like just another day.  

But my family and some friends reminded me that being alive is a big deal and that I should take the time to celebrate.  Friends I met only six months ago ensured I knew what I meant to them and how our friendship impacted their lives.  My family also expressed their heartwarming sentiments, reminding me of what I said to my daughter that week—we never know what tomorrow will bring, so enjoy your life today.  

Despite fighting a cold and my mind preoccupied, my birthday turned out to be very enjoyable.  I love recognizing others' birthdays and doing what I can to celebrate them, but I can also do the same for myself.  God created me; therefore, I'm worth it.

So, just in case you think like I did, I'm here to remind you that you're SIGNIFICANT and you deserve it!  

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