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Ball Don't Lie

We traveled about an hour north for my daughter's soccer game this past weekend. I think I have found myself at a soccer game during Mother's Day for the last 4-5 years. I don't usually complain about it because it's rewarding to watch my daughter and her team synchronize their passes so efficiently that it looks like a typical pinball machine lighting up each pin, ready to score. The strong synergy usually manifests in a win.

With Sunday's weather being unusually nippy and windy for a May day, both teams' parents huddled behind the sports box/announcer booth to block the wind and prevent an uncomfortable two hours. Usually, you will find supporters from each team on opposite sides of the bleachers. However, due to the cool temperatures, we sat together like fans supporting one team.

I know I was supposed to learn something from this game because my sensitivity meter was on high alert. For the most part, games are pretty easygoing and fun, but this match was the exception. Our tight quarters with the opposing team made the two hours pretty lousy. They probably forgot we were there and felt comfortable speaking obnoxiously about our girls and our coaches without reserve. The comments were brash and rude, taking all of me and then some to remain silent. I know I wasn't the only one as other parents and I agreed with our eyes how surprised we were by their boisterous remarks. I stayed calm as I thought of my last confrontation (**you can read that here) and decided to keep silent. I thought of what I used to say to my kids, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it." Well, I didn't have anything nice to say.

I wish I could've said that I prayed or was extra gracious to the other parents, but I wasn't. I just zipped my lips and threw out the key. I didn't want their comments to consume me or take away from enjoying my daughter's game, so I remained extra focused on the ball. I tried to tune out the negativity and seek out positivity.

Regardless of the noise from the stands, my daughter and her team ended the game 4-0. As my children like to say, "ball don't lie." In the end, it doesn't matter what people say; the ball will always tell you the truth.

From one soccer mom to another, let's respect the game as well as the players. There's only one referee for a reason.

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