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Chain Reaction

Sometimes the Holy Spirit drops a blog idea weeks in advance, and then other times, it's the day a post is scheduled. Well, this week, I wasn't sure what to share until hours beforehand. The Holy Spirit reminded me of an Instagram video that some parents were doing with their babies. It's where a parent holds their child and hits the wall without the child knowing to create a loud thump sound to make it appear like the child bonked their head on the wall. So when the parent tenderly consoles the baby and asks if they're okay, the baby takes a quick moment to think about what happened and then, on cue, releases a painful cry. The parent embraces their baby but giggles at the joke they just played on their little one. You may have seen it or even tried it on your children.

I like watching the videos and the reactions, but I wasn't sure of the connection to my blog until my dialogue with the Holy Spirit. He highlighted how the child reacted when nothing even happened. It was all due to the parent's instigation and overreaction; the baby burst out crying. This made me ponder. How many times have I overreacted to an instance or two that actually never transpired? I become emotionally invested for no sensible reason. Regrettably, the news does that for me. I think certain stations create a one-sided narrative so that viewers will become emotional. I won't mention any of the current events that fired me up, but you tend to hear more of the hype than the truth. If it were all true, you wouldn't have conflicting transcripts from different channels.

When I shared the blog idea and the video with my daughter, she directed the attention to the parent. She remarked how the parent caused a false situation in order to receive a reaction from the child. Even though this prank was innocent and for fun, how often do we do the same thing? Intentionally stir the pot to get a reaction or a rise out of somebody?

Bottom line, we're adults, so be responsible. Be wise with what you receive and what you release. Don't play the victim when you're not. And don't create strife just because you can. Overall, pursue peace and be a peacemaker. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." ~Matthew 5:9 (NIV)

I discussed the post with my husband, and he gave me the perfect visual that I needed. When you use your index finger to point at someone, the index finger is extended in the opposite direction of you, and the other three fingers (middle, ring, and pinky fingers) point back to you. He commented how more of the fingers point back to you than the person you are pointing at. Shouldn't it be more like that? We should always focus more on ourselves than point the finger/blame someone else.

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