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Dried Mangoes

My husband and I went to Costco to purchase some of our family's basic needs and other items we didn't necessarily require but enjoy. One being dried mangoes. We bought two bags because everyone in the family craves this sweet snack.

I placed one in our pantry for quick access and stored the other in a different cabinet in our laundry room, where we keep our other tempting sweets. Every month or so, I reorganize our pantry and storage cabinets to purge any expired items. Well, during my inventory, I discovered the other bag of mangoes. It had been four weeks since we purchased the yummy treats. I quickly opened the bag to taste what I thought would be a tangy surprise. Unfortunately, the goodies, usually full of fresh savory tropical flavors, turned a bit stale and bland.

At that moment, I felt the familiar Holy Spirit nudge. He questioned me rapid-fire style...

"What else do you keep in a special spot and either forget to use or intentionally do not use?"

How many times do we "save" gifts to only forget we have them?

How many times have we received a gift and not cared for it?

How many times have we buried our gifts/talents only to bring them forth in the same original form?

With those questions, the Holy Spirit touched on a sensitive nerve. I recognized He wasn't speaking about material gifts; although those questions can apply, He focused more on what money can't buy. He expressed that I have received plenty of gifts from God in the form of talents that I haven't engaged. I tend to tuck the gift (that I actually asked for) back into its original condition and reserve it for another time. Sometimes the reservation is so good I forget I even have it.

For instance, there have been many times I have witnessed people hurting either physically or emotionally. My immediate response to their pain is to ask God to heal them. I requested God to use me as an instrument to bring relief to their sufferings. But in their struggle to be liberated, I sadly sometimes held the gift of healing in my back pocket. To be transparent with you, it's because I didn't want to disappoint the person if they didn't receive immediate freedom. I didn't want to fail them. When I confessed this to the Holy Spirit, He gently reminded me that it's not up to me for the person to be free. He said my part is to step out in faith and believe He will show up. He said to use my power of faith and gift of healing and just pray. He tenderly reminded me that it's not my failure when someone doesn't receive immediate healing. He said if anything, it's another gift under my belt to increase my faith to see it happen. He encouraged me to blow off the dust and remove the dirt from my heavenly blessings, take it out of the burial site and bring it back to "life."

Let's stop storing up what He asked us to use. Don't save what is meant to be shared. Take a risk and give. You never know; you may have what someone else needs.

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