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Enough is Enough

As I was reading over my last post, I felt like the Holy Spirit was showing me a few things that have lingered under the radar that I was 'living with' and said to me, "Enough is enough."  He commanded me not to bring it into the new year.

God highlighted past hurts and disappointments that I thought were dealt with, but it turns out I just buried them, and it eventually turned into bitterness and unforgiveness.  And this is not only towards others but also towards myself.  Apparently, I still beat myself up for past disappointments.  

A dear friend read my last post and shared with me what happened to her aunt, which fits my writing this week.

Years ago, her aunt started to feel discomfort in her right foot near the big toe.  She tried to deal with it, but the pinching grew more unbearable.  Initially, the area was numb, so she couldn't pinpoint the issue and decided to see a doctor.  After two different X-rays, the doctor discovered a needle embedded into her foot.  Based on the rust and the needle being in tiny pieces, the doctor speculates she had been carrying this needle inside her body for years.    She had to go through extensive surgery to remove the infection and allow her foot to heal properly.  

This is the same when we live with unforgiveness.  You become numb to the pain and discomfort until it starts to have heartbreaking repercussions, and you're forced to deal with it.  When we harbor offenses, it turns into bitterness and then into hate.

"We make deals with the devil when we don't forgive, become bitter, or stay offended." ~Bill Johnson, Senior Leader Bethel Church

As we are about to celebrate Jesus' birthday in a few days, remember why God sent His one and only Son: it was for our forgiveness of sin.  The many, many sins we have committed.  And if He came and died for our sins, shouldn't we also have forgiveness for the sins of others?

Do we think we are above God and can harbor resentment and bitterness when God forgave us?  How can we hold on to the grudges and offenses when God freed us of ours?

"Unforgiveness is like drinking deadly poison thinking the other person is going to die." - Joyce Meyer

Friends, let's not bring the deadly poison into 2024.  Let's try to resolve the issues so we don't live in cynicism and separation from God and one another.  This is precisely what Satan wants.  And I'm not here to do the devil's work but God's.  

Enough is enough.  Let's deal with the issues at hand, and let's not let the _____________ (you fill in the blank) infest under the skin like I was willing to do with the glass and my friend's aunt with the needle.   Let's pull out whatever is infecting you to live freely and fully.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  May you enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and why Jesus came upon the earth. 

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