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My daughter knew a handful of people when she started at her university.  Her roommate was a classmate at the community college for the last two years, so they decided to become roommates.  My family and I were thrilled that she had at least one good friend when she embarked on this new chapter of her life.  My daughter shared how making lifelong friends was a high priority for her, so we prayed that she would meet many more as the year progressed.  Thankfully, during her club soccer season last September, she met a wonderful young lady who introduced my daughter to her group of friends.  She has met many people who are similar to her and some who are not, but they have a fantastic balance of characters.  Two of them will be her roommates next year in their first apartment.  

One of the roommates has yet to believe in Jesus.  We have been praying for her and her family whenever we think of them and believe they will come to know Jesus sooner rather than later.  Anyway, my daughter shared with me the other day that she invited this particular friend to go with her to the Campus Ministry she attends.  Her friend was skeptical, but to sweeten the deal, my daughter said she would buy her dinner before the meeting, which her friend quickly obliged.  I was so excited for her and proud of my daughter for taking the first steps of active evangelism.  I promptly said I would buy the dinner and transferred money into my daughter's account.  

I felt convicted to create a separate stash of money for opportunities like this for my children.  I never want them to be limited in reaching the "lost" because of finances.  I pray my children will continue to be generous and embrace those in need in their own way.  Whether it be friends, classmates, coworkers, or even strangers, I pray they will always feel the freedom and support from my husband and me to embrace those who don't know Christ yet.

My daughter also shared in the same conversation that some Christian protesters were on campus that day yelling at people walking by, saying, "You are going to hell!  You are going to hell." They were holding posters saying, "Hell awaits!" She asked me my thoughts, and I shared how I disagreed with this style of evangelism.  Maybe some will come to know Jesus through fear, but I don't recall any part of Jesus' ministry where He used fear to have people follow Him.  He always did it with love, honor, and respect.  He highlighted the truth and didn't do it with criticism.  

Sadly, I witnessed the same when my husband and I went to San Francisco several years ago and were welcomed by the Gay Pride Parade in front of our hotel.  I heard and read the same that my daughter shared from bystanders on the sides of the parade.  Even back then, I didn't believe that was the most effective way to win souls for Jesus.  I told my husband this style was not for me and that I would run in the opposite direction if someone approached me that way.  I would rather be embraced and led to repentance for my sin versus shamed for it.  How about you?  Would you like to be approached with signs about hell?  Or drawn to compassion and hope?  

I'm sure the protesters had good intentions, but I personally think the approach was off.  I'm praying my daughter's campus ministry and the other ministries will come together and convey the truth about Jesus and the message behind His crucifixion as we celebrate Easter in a few weeks.

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