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Father's Love

My sister sent me a YouTube video that makes my heart smile whenever I watch it. I probably viewed it more than a handful of times and sent it to others.  It's of a toddler who looks around two years old and is conversing intensely with his Dad. The video only shows him and his younger sister, but you can hear the Dad's voice. While his infant sister sits in her car seat next to him, the brother tries to explain his frustration to his Dad. The toddler has a limited vocabulary, but he does his best with his words and uses hand gestures to express his distress.  What is so special is that even with toddler-level verbal skills, the Father understands his son. He knows his son, so he can read between the lines and fill in the blanks so well that the toddler agrees with his Dad when he reiterates what he heard his son saying. You can watch the video here: 

I love the video for many reasons. The first reason is that the young boy is absolutely adorable. The second is his love for his mom, which comes through the screen. But what I love the most is the Father in the video. His understanding and empathy, even in the face of his son's frustration, remind me of our conversations with our Heavenly Father. Just like the Dad in the video, our Heavenly Father gives us His full attention, discerns what we're trying to say without us actually saying it, and sympathizes with our struggles.  

There are times when I am unable to articulate my heart to God, but He completely understands what I am attempting to say. His patience is unwavering, and He waits for me. Sometimes, I'm even silent, but He still compassionately listens. And there are those circumstances when I'm completely flustered like the little boy in the video and He calmly accepts me, just as I am.

Some of us may be in a situation now that is hard to explain, and you're lost for words. Your emotions are all over the place, and you may feel stuck. You may even feel alone and don't have anyone to go to. If that is how you feel, I'm writing this post for you. Papa God already knows what you're going through; He knows everything. Please don't think you have to have it all clear in bullet points format before you can go to Him. As an imperfect parent, I try to have an open door policy with my own children. I can only imagine what a perfect Father would desire with each of us. Rest assured, God's love for you is unconditional, and He is waiting for you with open arms. Now, GO.  

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