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Forever Young

One of the many qualities I admire about my youngest son is his childlikeness. Regardless of his age, I think he has a gift of wonder that I pray will stay with him all the days of his life. It's natural to observe childlike and even childish behavior in the adolescent years; however, there is something unique when you can witness it in someone when they're almost 15.

There is innocence in how my son views the world. He doesn't follow all the breaking news, but we discuss relevant ones as a family. And in those discussions, he brings up where there are parallel and intersecting points in history that can be corrected today because he believes in humankind. He has hope and confidence in people and thinks we can all change for the better.

When I fight a migraine, my son offers me a "God-vil" pill instead of an Advil. He declares what God will do, places an imaginary pill into the palm of my hand, and instructs me to put it in my mouth and swallow. He has faith that God will heal me.

When my husband thought he had lost his wallet the other day and we were frantically searching for it, my son adamantly announced that we would locate it, and sure enough, we did. His conviction to see the glass half full is reassuring.

At least once a week, I find my son playing with Legos. Sometimes, he will build what the manual instructs, but it is usually one of his own creations. And if it's not a Lego figure in his hand, it's a Nerf gun. We still have a bucket full of Nerf guns and bullets because he enjoys the game. You can hear him sending call signs and orders as he runs throughout the house. He is never too mature to play with toys.

I love listening to my son watch movies and TV shows. I may think the storyline is dull, or the joke doesn't deserve any attention, but my son will release a belly laugh out of nowhere like it was the funniest thing he ever heard. It doesn't matter if it's the first or the fifth time watching it; he will have the same reaction.

My son forgives and forgets quickly. No grudges, no offenses, which means no sour attitude. ☺

I noticed my son loves to listen. He engages in fun and serious conversations so he can learn more about you. Some people engage in discussions to hear more about themselves, but my son brings up topics to learn more about others. I think this is his way of trying to find the gold in people.

You may not know this, but my son created this blog platform. He made my logo, blog page, and everything associated with it. When we brainstormed the blog idea, he took it from concept to reality.

His lack of fear and fear of failure is refreshing.

One more, when we do our family devotionals, and he shares his download from the Lord, it's usually a perspective I never thought of. I'm so thankful he can hear the voice of the Lord.

I asked my son what he thinks are the keys to his joy and wonder. And without hesitation, he responded not to take life so seriously and to take risks that will make you laugh.

Who says you can't learn from your children. At 50, I'm inspired to be childlike again.

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