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Head Over Heels

This past Sunday was like any other weekend. The only difference was I had plans to meet a friend I hadn't seen in months. While I showered that morning, I mentally picked out my outfit for the day, including my shoes and jewelry. Once I finished and put on my final touches, I was ready to leave on time. I decided against wearing jewelry and went with a clean and simple look.

My ride was quiet and easy. Even though many cars were on the road, I didn't have to fight the highway traffic. I tuned into a popular podcast and enjoyed the light-hearted message. It was a simple 45 minute "me" time.

I arrived at the restaurant parking lot and was ready to pop out of my car when I realized I didn't confirm the time. In my excitement, I forgot I had given my friend two possible meeting times. I texted my friend and found out she was already inside the restaurant waiting for me. Thankfully, I planned for the earlier time and arrived a few minutes early. I gathered my purse and jacket and proceeded to the restaurant when I noticed my right shoe was a little loose. It wasn't too different, but I could tell it didn't fit as snuggly as the way it did when I left the house. After walking about 12 steps towards the restaurant, my shoe became even looser. I glanced at my foot and had to do one of those double-takes. To my great horror, small gravel-sized pieces of plastic were coming out of my sandal. It was like I was leaving a trail of bread crumbs for someone to follow. My shoe, the one I was wearing out that day, was deteriorating. The glue and I guess the thread came undone. The whole bottom wedge of my sandal separated from the top part of the insole. I was mortified. How could this happen? These sandals held out pretty strong for several years; how could they disintegrate - and why NOW of all times?

With shoppers walking by, I tried to pretend like nothing was wrong; I remained frozen like I was a statue. I didn't move the lower part of my body so that it didn't give away my unfortunate predicament. I quickly texted my friend to give her a heads up that I would not be able to meet her in the restaurant and asked if we could hang out somewhere else, like in my car. She graciously agreed. When I apologized for the quick change of plans, some of the things she said were, "This is an adventure. We will never forget this! What is God telling you? Is there meaning behind this?" Something like least that's how I remembered it. I think I was too embarrassed and apologetic to think clearly.

Anyway, my friend reminded me of a Nordstrom Rack that was in the vicinity. I drove us there with the left shoe intact and the other with the wedge heel entirely removed. I had only the inner insole and the straps holding my foot together. We parked close to the elevator entrance and waited until the crowds of people walked in first. As my friend walked, I limped towards the elevator. To my dismay, I started to feel a familiar sensation on my left foot. This time, the straps detached first, and then the wedge heel separated. What in the world was happening? It's like they were playing the game, Follow the Leader and had to do the same humiliating thing. Fortunately, we were steps away from my car, and without thinking twice, I just took matters into my hands, and I just ripped the rest of the wedge off. I threw it into my backseat so I could show my family the evidence of my most awkward moment.

I reluctantly hobbled the walk of shame into the store, up the escalator to the shoe section. Luckily, the store was not busy, so I could wander into the sea of shoes without being noticed. Now that I think about it, maybe my one-of-a-kind shoes were recognized. If they were, I'm sure they gave someone a great laugh.

My friend and I weaved in and out of the aisles to find my best option. Even though I felt like it was an emergency to find something to cover my feet ASAP, I hoped to find one I would wear again and one that had a reasonable cost value. Happily, I spotted a pair I liked - stylish and on sale, my favorite combo.

With a new pair of heels on, my friend and I resumed our date as if nothing happened earlier.

I know there are more significant problems in the world, but at that moment, I lived out my most awkward moment to date. So I hope my embarrassing situation gave you a few giggles. ☺

Lessons of the day: 1. Don't take yourself too seriously; laugh at yourself 2. Throw away old shoes! If you didn't wear it within a couple of years, and it's still in good condition, donate them. Give them away. Recycle them. 3. Out with the old and in with the new; it's time for new beginnings!

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