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How Are You?

"How are you?" "Fine." "Good." "Okay." How many times have you answered with one emotionless word?

I am guilty of it, and I know I'm not the only member of this popular club. It's so much easier to reply this way than illustrate the weathered storms of life. If you're at the checkout line at the grocery store, and the cashier politely asks you the famous one-liner, you know they prefer the short four-letter response to an honest one. However, if a friend inquires the same question, it's more a disservice to you and them if you're not forthcoming with your heart condition.

What holds us back from being transparent? Who are we afraid of? How long do we plan on concealing the truth? Why is it so challenging to be unguarded? We each have a list of reasons. More often than not, we disguise ourselves behind a camouflage of rainbows when in reality, we're living under a cumulus of clouds.

Our family has experienced a few dark and gloomy storms. And as much as I desired to hide behind the "I'm fine" disguise, I spilled the beans to a group of trusted confidants. Each bean brought more freedom. In my liberation, I realized I wasn't alone. Once I shared, it permitted others to unpack their burdens. It quickly exposed parallel realities. I wonder how many lines of symmetry we could intersect if we all released our troubles to one another.

Sometimes when we're so self-focused, it's hard to see anyone else. It's like your face is staring through one of those magnifying mirrors, and your tiny blemishes look like huge craters. Your problems are 10x's more prominent than they really are. However, when you look at yourself in a regular mirror at the proper distance, you can notice yourself and others. Firstly, your problems are not magnified, and secondly, you have space to recognize you're not the only one with problems.

Let's have empathy for one another. We may not completely understand what others are going through, but we can try. Let's be proactive, and open our eyes and ears. Zip your lip and listen. Take the time to view people through the lenses of Jesus and pay attention. Sometimes you have to observe between the lines. We are all broken in one way or another and need Jesus.

During our family worship time the other day, we pursued the Holy Spirit for a person who may need extra encouragement. And just like the Holy Spirit, He provided unique opportunities where we could personally interact with the individual on a different level when we usually wouldn't. We were able to step out of our world and step into theirs. It was a blessing to be a blessing in someone else's life.

Are you in a tough season right now? Has life been overwhelming for you? Are you juggling more than you can handle? Are you sending out an S.O.S signal but think no one sees it? Please remember, God sees you, and you're not alone. Maybe this post is catching your signal? I would love to pray for you and with you. If you would like prayer (your request will remain confidential), please feel free to email me at, and I will be honored to intercede on your behalf.

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