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I don't know if I shared that my younger son also plays volleyball for his high school. I joke around and say my Trio acquired their athleticism from me, but quite honestly, I can't take any credit. It's all my husband. He played many different sports growing up and became a professional golfer at one point in his life. I'm not coordinated enough to play sports competitively.

My son's regular season ended last week and is now in the playoff round. Everything seemed to start and end in a blink of an eye. It's been fun watching him grow and make a name for himself. He's no longer living under his brother's shadow but creating his own volleyball path and having lots of fun while doing it.  

What has been different for us this season than last year's is that we have been driving our son's friends to and from practices and games. Sometimes, it's just one teammate, and sometimes it's three. Or it can just be his friend in the car. Once, my son volunteered as a line judge for the game after his, so I went home instead of hanging out at the school. On my way, I noticed his friend waiting at the bus stop. When I noticed it was his friend, I turned my car around, yelled out to him from the other side of the street, and asked if I could take him home. I told my husband that our role as free Uber drivers for our son's friends is part of our ministry- Jehovah's Sneaky ministry. When can we be in a car full of teenagers and pray for them? They may not know we're praying, but Jehovah Sneaky is working.  

Another Jehovah Sneaky opportunity is volunteering at the school concession stand. Students and parents must interact with us when they request snacks. We have the opportunity to serve them but also pray for them. They probably have no idea we're asking God to bless them and their families. If I feel the unction from the Holy Spirit to pray for another area, I pray prophetically over that situation. Who knows when I will have another opportunity to engage with them again?  

One of my son's friends texts me directly when he has questions. They could be about academics, school clubs, or other subjects, like how to obtain a driver's license. At first, I found it odd, but then I concluded it to be another way to positively influence my children's friends' lives. They may not have parents who are involved or familiar with the subject, but since I have some prior experience, I'm glad to assist. I can then pray more specifically for this friend since I now have a window into his family dynamics.

Until my son graduates high school, we will continue to find creative ways to be more involved with his friends. Yes, it's more time-consuming for my husband and me and inconvenient sometimes. Still, it's completely worth it if we can influence and invest in their future.

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