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Jars of Life

There are people like my husband who thrive on change and transition. It can happen daily, weekly or monthly, and he's ready for it. I, on the other hand, need a transition period to prepare for the transition. I appreciate routines and being aware of what's going to happen next. I'm the type of person who likes documenting everything on my calendar. I'm old school and new school when it comes to calendars. I'm a proud owner of a few calendars that I write in. The one that is the busiest and color-coded is the one that records upcoming games, tournaments, exams, conferences, meetings, etc. We maintain a digital calendar so the whole family can sync with one another and not double book. I admit I am ambitious to schedule and forecast everything, so I don't mistakenly miss anything. With three active kids and one busy husband, the organization is the framework for our efficiency.

However, if we include too many into the framework, no matter how much organization or calendars we have, the efficiency will deteriorate.

In our home, we have to be intentional with our top priorities; otherwise, we can get sucked into one task that leads to another, and before you know it, you drifted off like a raft in the water. You start at point A and think you never left, and before you know it, you're several feet away from your starting point.

One of the exercises we often do in our family is to discuss the tops threes. "What are your top threes?" If we can do our top three priorities first, there's room for the rest. But if you put the less significant first, you won't have space for your top priorities. You may have seen this illustration before; if you have a jar and pack it up first with pebbles and sand and then try to put the rocks in, all the rocks won't fit. But if you change the order, insert the rocks into the jar first and pour the pebbles and sand afterward; the container will hold all the elements.

Write your priorities down in your calendar, your journal, somewhere you can read it often. Discuss the level of importance with someone who can keep you accountable. Make space in your "jar of life" for what holds the greatest value in your life.

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