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Lady M

Lady M

A sweet friend of mine introduced me to Lady M, the famous luxury Mille Crêpes. As described on their website, "Lady M is known as the creator of the world famous Mille Crêpes, an unforgettable cake coupling 20 alternating layers of soft cream and lacy French crêpes." "Lady M marries French pastry techniques with Japanese sensibilities, resulting in delicate cakes that are a touch sweet and perfect for every occasion." I have only had it half a dozen times, but it's as delectable and savory as my friend described.

Even though each bite costs more than a few pretty pennies, it's worth it. Whenever I have the luxury of enjoying a slice, I make sure to have one all to myself because there's not enough to share. ☺

Anyway, this cake would not be worth its reputation if it was only one layer of crêpe. It's only because of the multiple layers that it would leave a lasting memory. And even though there are copycat versions of this creation, none are as blissful as the original.

Just like the Millie Crêpes Cake consists of many layers, so do we. Layers of experiences, successes, failures, relationships-good and bad, etc. And without them, we would not be who we are today. Some may argue they would instead choose one less layer than have the unfortunate memories, but we recognize the best of times through the tough times. Plus, it's those layers that make you and I unique, so own your layers and celebrate every bite!

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