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Learning to Follow Jesus

A dear couple who my family loves and adores wrote a book together—Learning to Follow Jesus, by Dr. Gene and Lauren Lloyd. When the book came out earlier this year, I was excited to get my hands on a copy. Not only because I trust this couple but because of the foundation that it teaches. Sometimes, when people become Christians at a young age, it's easy to forget the fundamental truths and how to use them practically as a faithful disciple of Jesus. Being His disciple is more than the motions and emotional experiences; it is an evergrowing hunger to be with Him and be more like Him.

My husband and I found doing this guide as a family essential, especially before my older two went off to college. We each had our own copy so that we had the freedom to jot down our answers and personal notes. We discussed what stood out to us, our responses to what God revealed, and how we planned on moving forward.

I loved listening to everyone's responses and questions. The book broke down any fallacies hiding in our belief system and built up truth in its place. With all the Bible references, it was great to learn and be trained correctly.

The book is not intimidating and is easy to follow. An extra benefit is the QR code after each chapter. It links you to their YouTube channel that explains and answers even more. I highly encourage you to do the guide yourself, as a family or book club. If you have the resources, buy an extra copy to share. It's an investment into their future.

You can purchase a copy of the book here.

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