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Starting in my late 20's, I have been more conscious of my skin. I'm not an expert by any means, but I do try to use the proper skin care to prevent premature aging. I don't need any more fine lines forming on my face, especially near my eyes. I have my share of smile lines and don't need to add more to my collection. I actually use a variety of eye creams in hopes of making the lines 'magically' disappear. We all know there's no magic formula, but I can certainly try to find the potion that will work. ☺ I think we can all use some form of "eye cream" in our world today. What do I mean? I believe it's time to erase the fine lines that separate and divide us into different silos. As Christians, we put up walls that isolate us from other believers. When I went to Asbury University (blog link) a few months ago, no one asked what denomination you were. They didn't stop you from coming in because you were Baptist or Catholic. No one asked you if you were a cessationist or a continuationist. They didn't defer you to a different section of the room if you favored one famous pastor over another. It didn't matter if you studied reformers from the 17th century more than our current ones. My point is, who cares. No one should care. We must stop categorizing people and creating divisions that do not need to exist. Jesus didn't come to divide us; He came to unite us. God didn't separate us; people did. We have to accept and receive others just as they are, the way God does with us. The 'eye cream' we must use is God's love. We can bottle up God's love and apply it whenever we need to erase man-u-factured lines. So whenever you notice people trying to create unnecessary walls, uncap your love bottle, squeeze it out, rub it on the spot where the superficial lines are forming, and watch them disappear. I wish the lines on my face would disappear as easily and as efficiently. ☺

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