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Lost and Found

My husband and I try to pray together every morning. Some days it's sitting in our family room or in our office. And then other times it's in the car on our way to work. One day, while my husband was praying, I silently requested the Holy Spirit to show up in some way. I needed some serious encouragement that morning and asked the Lord to make it obvious.

Well, the morning was normal until my boss stated that something was misplaced in the office and she needed to find it ASAP. She is not one to forget anything that important so she was growing anxious. I didn't have any idea where to look so I basically searched the same spots where my boss was looking at.

We looked high and low as she vented her quandary. As I listened to her, I silently asked the Holy Spirit where this item could be. I didn't feel like I received a vision of the location like an ‘X’ marking the spot like a treasure chest, but for some reason, I had the unction to look underneath the cabinet. I noticed a plastic bin and nonchalantly picked up the item that was placed in a thick Ziploc like bag and asked my boss if that could possibly be what she was looking for. There were a few other items in the bin but I felt compelled to pick up that particular bag.

With great relief and appreciation, she opened the bag and found her lost treasure. Yay!! My boss received what she was looking for and I too received what I asked for that morning. I believe God answered my prayer and reminded me how tangible He is.

I'm sure my boss looked in the cabinet also but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I was the one to find it for her. It was the exact encouragement I needed that day.

Funny thing, today my son lost one of his Air pods and I told him to ask the Holy Spirit where it could be. He did and now he has his Air pods set.☺

I highly encourage you to invite the Lord into your day. Don't hesitate to ask Him to reveal Himself to you, it could be in a big or a very small way. He is our Heavenly Father, and He wants to be part of our day. What dad would reject that kind of invitation from their child?

Tip: If you ever misplace anything, instead of freaking out, go ahead and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where it is. Trust me, it works. ☺

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