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Welcome Home 2021!

I’m pretty content being private and living in my personal world. I have social media accounts but I don’t peruse them often enough that I would miss it if I deleted them. I enjoy sharing my intimate world with only those I have relationships with.

Recently, however, I had the conviction to share beyond my circle of confidants and create a new level of community right here on social media. This is a huge risk and one I'm uncomfortable with however, I read an article somewhere about how if I don't take risks and step out, I miss an opportunity to give God glory.

So this blog for me is jumping on an adventure of risks so I can give God His glory. Not that He needs it but it provides me the opportunity to give it. My private locked door has turned into an open revolving door. This blog invites you to enter and stay or enter and exit. Either way, I'm thankful for your visit.

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Jan 02, 2021

I commend you for your obedience and I'm excited to see how through you God will change, challenge and comfort those visiting your blog.

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