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Mighty Christ Encounter

I read this recently in Georgian and Winnie Banov's Christmas newsletter, the founders of Global Celebration, and believe it's worth sharing.

"Did you know that when you wish "Merry Christmas" to someone, you are actually making a prophetic declaration?

"Merry Christmas," literally translated means "mighty Christ encounter."

"It is our sincere prayer that you experience "Merry Christmas" each and every day as we continue to impact nations together! As we see Jesus more clearly, the gospel gets bigger and bigger in our hearts. His death becomes more wonderful. His resurrection becomes more astonishing. The restoring work of the Holy Spirit gets mightier. The global impact of our community becomes more significant. And the love of God becomes more delightful."

That is my prayer for you also, and may the encounters with our Savior Jesus be so enriching that it's life-changing!

From my family to yours, Have many "mighty Christ encounters" as we celebrate the coming of Emmanuel - God with us!

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