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Off We Go

Happy New Year!  I hope your 2024 is starting off strong.  

Towards the end of last year, I felt melancholy about starting the new month of January.  January doesn't have the same weight as all the other months.  It carries a different level of expectation, and I wasn't sure I was ready.  Plus, all the fun holiday festivities were winding down, and to make an empty heart feel even more lonely, my oldest was returning to college on January 2nd to continue training for his volleyball season, which also meant my daughter would be trailing closely behind him.

I tried to have a better attitude since a new year meant a new beginning.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but my heart kept anticipating and trusting God for more.  My motto for this new year is,

2024 is for more of  _____________________ and less  of _________________________.  

Every few days, I reflect and insert different words.  

Well, last weekend, God surprised us with more.  

When most of you read this post, my husband and I will be on a short-term mission trip in South Korea.  YES, you read that correctly.  What felt like last minute, God made all the logistics fall into place on His perfect time.  I had a dream about it a few weeks ago, where we discovered all of God's surprises surrounding this opportunity, and now it's a reality.  I have always desired to go on a mission trip to our motherland with my husband.  I knew we would one day, but I had no idea it would be today.  

In embracing the uncertainty ahead, I am grateful for this chance to grow and trust in God more.

2024 is for more of God and less of me.  

More boldness and less timidity.  

More confidence and less doubt. 

More risks and less fear.

Based on the above, I see my faith will be stretched this year.


I can't wait to return with testimonies to share. 

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