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Oh! the Places You'll Go!

I purchased a gift for my son before he entered kindergarten and surprised him with it when he graduated high school. It was the book, Oh! the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. I secretly requested my son's teachers, guidance counselors, and principals from the past 13 years to include their personal encouragement inside this whimsical yet inspirational book.

I became emotional as I glanced through the thoughtful handwritten expressions that flowed along with the beloved children's author. Even though I read the remarks year after year when the teachers returned the book to me, this time was different because I could see a common thread from his kindergarten teacher to his 12th-grade guidance counselor. Some appreciated his contagious smile and his tender heart. Others commended him for his humble leadership and integrity. Without realizing it, a handful of them even prophesied distinguishing traits into existence. I'm so grateful that they each invested in my child and supported him to become the best version of himself.

Even though my children have parents, extended family, coaches, and prayer warriors available, I'm thankful for the educational community that expresses compassion and courage in the classroom. Those who work in the school system are heroes that deserve continuous recognition and support. The handprints that each of these meaningful leaders left on my son have something to do with where he will go.

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