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I enjoy attending memorial services. I know people who avoid going to them, but I actually choose to go. Of course, it's very emotional and tough on the heart, but they are special because it's an opportunity to learn more about the person and honor them. Sometimes, regrettably, I uncover more about who they are when they're deceased than when they're alive because unique and cherished stories come out of the memory vault only during those times. Some people gather only during weddings and funerals, so to witness an assembly of people with the only goal of celebrating one's life is noteworthy.

Last week, I attended a beautiful memorial service for a friend. Our time together included a slideshow of memories and accomplishments, powerful worship, and prayers over the family. People opened up about how our friend left a mark on their lives and how he impacted them. The church's pastor closed the service with a eulogy of how our friend loved the Lord and how he grew in his friendship with God.

The service was inspiring because it made me rethink the way I live. His life encouraged me to recalibrate and remember I only have one life to live, and I must live purposefully. I still have a chance to change the way I think and change the way I live. I have work to do. I hope to leave my mark in history and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. What about you? Are you satisfied with the trajectory of your life? Is God showing you areas of your life that need to be recalibrated? With God? With your spouse? Family members? Friends? Colleagues? It's not too late. Let's not waste more time and pursue the change we're supposed to live.

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