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Rough Edges

Part II - Post written a couple of weeks ago.

My son had another game we were privileged to attend this past Saturday. It was his last game of the season before playoffs, so we wanted to make it even though it was the furthest of all the scheduled games we attended.

This game was no different. I was giddy when I walked into the gym and caught sight of my son. It was like the first time I saw him on the court. He was in his element and thriving while doing it.

We found fellow team supporters and set up our spot near them for the next two hours. A seasoned mom warned us that the opposing team's fans could be loud and too proud for their own good. This mom wasn't kidding. The fans filled the bleachers and made sure everyone knew they had spirit. I'm not positive if it was the school spirit they had, but I wasn't fond of it. My youngest son, who was sitting next to me, exchanged looks with me that expressed the same thoughts I was thinking. I even texted my daughter, who wasn't with us, about what was happening. She quickly reminded me of my previous experience with this kind of crowd. I didn't react to my surroundings but recalled the Holy Spirit's lesson from the last game. Well, I can proudly tell you I passed this one. I didn't vocalize any personal feelings, not even a peep. I sat, watched, and prayed, even in tongues, when I felt the unction to speak. ☺ Hopefully, I can keep passing these kinds of tests and not be impacted by them anymore.

Regarding the other situation, I'm still in process and am learning to create healthy boundaries. In addition, I am reminding myself that I matter. Regardless of what others think or say about me, I am a daughter of God, and I matter too.

"God can use other people's behavior as sandpaper in our lives to polish our rough edges. He is more concerned about changing our character than He is about changing our circumstances." ~Unknown.

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