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Switching Lanes

As I shared in a previous post, my older two kiddos are pursuing their driver's license. After receiving their learner's permit, they must drive over 60 hours with an experienced driver. Both my husband and I have practiced with our budding drivers during the day and night hours. To learn how to weather the storm on their own, we had lessons in different kinds of forecasts. We have strolled on many small country roads. We also ventured on busy highways to train how to drive fast safely and how to shift lanes quickly, and maybe slowly, depending on the situation. At first, they didn't want to change lanes. They liked to remain slow and steady on the road we were on. Even if that meant we were going to end up at our final destination a few hours later versus a few minutes later (slight exaggeration☺). They were nervous to look anywhere else but forward. But after much practice, they're switching lanes confidently and arriving at their location sooner than later. It got me thinking about our lives. How many times have we heard people say, "stay in your lane"? I get it. Don't compare yourself to others, what they are doing, or where other people are going. But what if you don't like your lane anymore and prefer to switch? What if you're bored or tired of where you are, and you can no longer remain traveling one way, and you desire to take a turn and try a different path? What if you worked in a particular industry for so many years, but you realize you have other interests now? What if your passion in one area is dry, but you are currently intrigued by another one? What if your habits always played out a certain way, but you hope to try something new? What if you have different dreams than five years ago? Ten years ago? Possibly twenty years ago? I say, GO FOR IT! Don't limit yourself. There is a tendency to maximize ourselves based on our current situation. When we limit ourselves, we limit God. Don't limit what God can do in you, through you, and around you! God is LIMITLESS. I encourage you to switch lanes as many times as you like. Take turns and veer off. Accelerate and excel. Rewrite the rules and see if you can dream something into being. Even though it might be uncomfortable and scary, GO FOR IT! Take the freedom to experiment. You may even think you failed; however, you learned something new about yourself, which means it actually wasn't a failure but a learned opportunity. Be living proof of what it looks like to expect greater for yourself. Buckle up and enjoy the ride; you may be surprised where it leads you.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~Joshua 1:9 NKJV

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