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Take the Picture

I love sifting through photos. I have many printed, some placed in frames and albums and others in boxes. But most are stored on my phone or computer. And every now and then, you will find me staring at my phone and looking at photos from years ago. I usually stop and stare at the ones of my kiddos when they were tiny. I try to recall the memory associated with the picture. And when I do, I'm known to say, "Gosh, I would do anything to have them that age again." I very much miss my kiddos being young. I miss carrying them in my arms, having them bouncing on my lap, and even changing their diapers. Not because I love the smell of saturated and dirty diapers but because it means my kids are babies again, and I have more time with them. Actually, I'll take them as toddlers, elementary-aged, and even middle school-aged—any age.

I miss those stages now more because my oldest will return from his first year of college this week. My daughter will be graduating from community college next week and then high school three weeks after that, and then my youngest will complete his first year of public school in June. It feels like they grew up at lightning speed.

I write this post to remind you that time does not pause for anyone. So take the photo (even if you don't look your best), make a memory, and capture the moment forever. Years from now, you will be glad you did.

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