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Treasure Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, I had a date with some girlfriends and planned on wearing one of my favorite bracelets, one that goes with anything and compliments everything. I usually place my everyday jewelry in a spot I can quickly put on and take off when I leave the house and return. I reached for my bangle as I was about to go out, but it wasn't there. I didn't overthink about the missing piece and resolved I would locate it later. I found it odd, but I had to go, so I decided to wear a different one that my husband gifted me. It wasn't until a few days later I remembered my runaway jewelry. I checked all the usual places but still no luck. I searched high and low; I solicited my kids for their help. My daughter reminded me to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, which I did, but I guess I had a "bad connection" because I didn't hear any specific location.

I tried to backtrack my steps, recalling the last time I wore it. I had some peace because I concluded it was somewhere in my home. I added my husband to my search party, hoping he would lead me to my lost treasure. With no luck and the clock ticking, I suspended my hunt until another time. As days and then weeks passed, my hope was decreasing while the stress was increasing. Yes, I know it's only a worldly possession and not something to have anxiety about, but it was a present from my husband, and I had planned to pass it on to my daughter one day, so it was important to me. Plus, I absolutely HATE losing things.

A few more days passed, and I decided to clean out my purse and use a different bag that was easier to carry. In the process of purging and transferring everything out from one to the other, a light bulb turned on. I immediately inspected one of the compact bags, and to my wonderful surprise, I discovered my lost treasure! "Woohoo! Thank you, Lord!"

I called out to my daughter and shared my fantastic news. The small bag was the "X" that marked the spot. She commented how I had to share this story with my blog family. After my celebratory dance and expression of gratitude to the Holy Spirit, I thought through the incident. What was I supposed to learn from this? Was there anything except to be more mindful of my belongings?

Some thoughts that came to mind:

-Perhaps you never lost what you're looking for; you just need to take the time to look for it. This lesson is not limited to material possessions but our spiritual life too. We desire and request specifically from God, and it appears like he's not responding or that you have a disconnection, but in actuality, He has already given it to you and equipped you. Can you relate? Remain steadfast and keep looking. You may find, in fact, you already have what you're searching for. Or you already know the answers to the questions you have been asking.

-Sometimes we have to lose something, maybe even someone, to appreciate what we have. I'm guilty of this. Sadly, at times, I realize what I have after it's only gone. Please don't make the same mistake as me; value what you have and cherish who you have.

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