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We Need to Do Better!

We need to do better! We don't have an excuse! We are responsible!

A couple of weeks ago, a local high school had a shooting in one of the school's bathrooms. A 17-year-old junior shot a 15-year-old sophomore. As of this post, the victim is still in critical condition after two surgeries, and the accused student is charged as an adult with attempted second-degree murder. We need to do better! At my children's high school, it was announced that a 17-year-old student was murdered the week prior. And a student who graduated last year from the same high school committed suicide. We need to do better!

This should NOT be happening. We cannot let this continue on our watch. Precious lives are being taken away from us. These young lives deserve a better future. We cannot be apathetic and complacent and think this is someone else's problem. These kids may not be our flesh and blood, but they are part of our communities. They are part of our future. We need to do better!

With these atrocities devastating our schools, communities, and nation more and more, it made me increasingly aware something must be done. What can I do to make a difference? How can I help?

It's not enough just to call our prodigals back home. It's crucial we have healthy mothers and fathers to welcome them back, and sadly not all parents are emotionally, mentally, or spiritually able. But those of us who are, we have to be available to lend ourselves to others. For example, a principal at a local high school asked fathers of students to come into the building and have a presence in the school. The principal commented that some students don't have a relationship with their dads, so seeing a father figure supporting and encouraging students makes a difference.

A pastor friend whose son is dealing with PTSD and depression is in desperate need of his dad right now. Although his calling as a shepherd to the flock is a top priority, his role as a parent to his son is paramount. We have to remember to lead our families first before leading anyone else.

In Nehemiah chapter 3, the Jews are in the process of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. I love this chapter because the community volunteered to rebuild. Priests and families caught the vision and rebuilt the section of the wall right in front of their own homes. I think we can learn from Nehemiah and do the same. We can't tackle just the monumental issues of our nation; we have to focus on the nation's backbone, and that's our families. Rebuild what is right in front of us, our families, and our communities. Before we can have revival in our country, we have to have revivals in our homes.

Thank you for being committed to your families. You are making a difference. But how can we do more? Obviously, there are plenty of other ways to make an impact. (Please comment on this post and share.) My family and I came up with some ideas:

  • Volunteer at local school events.

  • Attend sports events and commit to praying for a few athletes.

  • Do Jericho prayer walks around schools, playgrounds, malls, etc.

  • Become a coach or referee at the community center.

  • Offer to mentor your neighborhood kids.

  • Be available to lend a shoulder to your children's friends.

  • Babysit neighbors' kids for free.

  • Adopt a family, offer your help and pray for them.

  • Make dinner for your neighbors.

  • Be an encouragement. Generously sow with your words.

We can't relent to what society is doing, but be relentless and be the solution. It is time to rebuild the wall! We need to do better!

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