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Catch of the Day

My boys love to fish. My two sons and their cousin call themselves, Fishers of Men. What I thought was a fun summer activity has turned into a hobby for my younger son. My Fisherman studies the latest and greatest from the experts. He will research the best kind of bait for the best type of fish. He knows what to do in salt water and fresh water. He has saved his money and has completed extra chores to purchase the highest quality of equipment his money can buy. His hobby has turned into his personal obsession.

I was persuaded by my son to take him fishing this past Friday. It was a beautiful sunny day to spend time outside. We just went to a local pond, and within minutes of our arrival, he pulled out a fish, one right after the other. It was like they were standing in line waiting for him. My daughter and I were impressed with my son's expertise. Before we left the pond two hours later, my son, who acted as the instructor, offered me the opportunity to capture a fish myself. He did everything; he put the bait on, cast the line, and even advised me when to reel in the line at the right time. Without any effort on my part, I snagged a fish! With all the squeals and excitement, you would've thought I captured a shark or something.

On Sunday, my husband had the privilege of being a fisherman with my son. They discovered a gem of a creek a few weeks ago, so my son was extra eager to revisit it. He monitored the weather all week and started to complain about the storm forecast. On the day of, I received disappointing text messages from him as it began to sprinkle. He was concerned the steady downpour would ruin his fishing trip.

The rain didn't give up, nor did my son. The weather didn't rain on his parade after all. As a matter of fact, it was the exact opposite. We received text messages with pictures of the variety of fish they landed. Behind every shot was a joyful grin of my son. The final text message gave me just as much joy. This message included a narrated video of their secluded sweet spot. They nestled under a big willow tree which acted like a canopy that protected them from the raindrops. The large stones nestled along the creek worked as their stool to sit on as well as serve as their workstation. The best part was a nearby bridge where a school of fish assembled to greet their instructor. My son would describe "class" as a big success.

Lesson of the day: Regardless of a brewing "storm," don't give up. Go for it! You might catch more with the "rain" than without.

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