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H Is For Honor

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

To my dismay (more on this in another post), my two older children are learning how to drive. They first have to pass a law test so they can obtain their Learner's Permit before they can actually practice driving. While they were studying for this rite of passage, I tried to recall the information as well. I thankfully recognized 95% of it and took a brief pause when I noticed the roundabout traffic sign. It caught my attention since we have a few of those positioned in my neighborhood. The sign wasn't anything extraordinary but just the fact the arrows continued like a rotation reminded me of the cyclical rhythm of the virtue of honor.

Honor starts with me. I have to first accept who I am, my true identity in Christ in order to genuinely see the identity in others. When we live in a culture of honor, we live in freedom to be who God created us to be. We celebrate similarities and differences. We accept successes and failures. We welcome healthy confrontations for the opportunity for a stronger relationship.

My husband and I try to cultivate an environment like the roundabout sign, we circle back and forth to develop a healthy cadence of honor for us and our children. Just like the roundabout traffic signs that bring you closer to our home, we believe the culture of honor brings you closer to your transformation.

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1 Yorum

25 Oca 2021

How insightful you are! It's a very important reminder especially during this time of uncertainty and discord in our nation, we need to honor everyone and each other no matter the differences because we are all masterpieces.

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