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Happy Birthday!

I celebrated my big 5-0 last week! Thanks again to my sweet family and friends who have lavished me with their love! I'm blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by a loving family and a devoted group of friends-near and far. ☺

I received an outpouring of birthday gifts, cards, and wishes, but one message, in particular, made me chuckle. The person said, "Welcome to the 5-0 Club!" I thought it was funny because I didn't have to go through any application process or initiation; I was automatically commissioned into this distinct club when I turned 50 last Tuesday.

I almost didn't make it into this club because I barely survived after delivering my last child at the age of 35. So I have the privilege of celebrating two birthdays. The day I came out of my mother's womb and then again when my last baby came out of my womb.

I'm so grateful I made it another year! I thank God wholeheartedly for carrying me through all these years. I have made some history and built my legacy, but I look forward to even more. I can see 50 as old or as young; it's all perspective. I can't judge how old or young I am based on my birth date. It is determined by my death date. If you're 25 and you will only have until your 36, you're pretty old. If you're 50, but you live until you're 98, you're pretty young.

I'm declaring I'm still young and have lots yet to savor in my lifetime. To support this process, I'm currently writing out my eulogy. Not for morbid reasons, but the opposite. I'm living with the end in mind. Some questions I am asking myself: Will people have witnessed my deep friendship with God? Did I love as He loved? Did I live in faith? If so, what can be examples of it? What milestones did I accomplish? What legacy did I leave? How will I be remembered? I plan to read my eulogy and reflect on it often to keep me accountable. I'm fortunate to be in the middle of writing my fascinating story. Yes, I enjoy hearing about others and their exciting lives, but it's time to be interested in mine.

What about you? Are you captivated by your personal narrative? If you responded, "yes," that's awesome; keep it up! If you're uncertain, then make the changes now. You can do it! We can do it!

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