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M Is For Multiply

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Most of us learned our multiplication tables in elementary school. I remember I had to memorize the tables during the summer entering 2nd grade. I had a few days to study, and then I would be tested by my mom to see if I mastered them or not. If I didn't, I had to go back and review some more and then return for another test. Even though I memorized the numbers, I'm not sure if I completely comprehended the concept.

If you were to ask me about the multiplication model now, I would define it as a system. When you invest what you have, it will eventually increase what you started with and reproduce more.

In my journey of nurturing my kids, I have learned how vital it is to be intentional about sharing my friendship with God. I have had 17, 16, and 13 years to teach, coach, mentor, lead, influence, and disciple each of my children, essentially love on my children the way they are designed. Even though we do everyday life together, it's not the same with each child. The way I invest in them individually can impact us collectively as a family.

I heard a life coach share a conversation he had with one of his clients.

He inquired with his client, who went golfing, how his game went.

And the client responded that he didn't write down the score.

The life coach reported to his client that his golf game would never improve because he didn't "measure" his game. To multiply your investment well means you consistently measure well, obviously, not just in sports but in all areas of your life.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of that conversation when He gave me an idea of how we can be intentional in measuring our individual growth. The activity requires us to describe a strong character quality that we observe in one another. Then we share a trait that is not as strong, basically, a weaker quality that deserves more attention, so that in time it will grow into a strong one. For this part, it is integral to include Bible verses to confirm the thought. We don't just point out the negative traits but express what God expects from us. Sometimes we need others to hold up a mirror in front of us - to reveal things inside of us that we didn't even know were there. We also include time for the Holy Spirit to highlight other areas in need of growth and make sure to communicate them with one another. This step keeps us accountable to admit the weakness but also accept the support to change. It is so much more beautiful when we can hold up our personal mirrors and notice a different reflection.

Hopefully, the multiplication equation we operate inside of our home will calculate new results outside of the home and ultimately build a greater product for the kingdom of God.

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