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The other day, I shared with my sister about the weight of work issues that seem to gravitate towards me.  For instance, a project deadline was on the verge of being missed due to a miscommunication, and I had to set aside my tasks to assist in someone else's responsibilities.  It's a testament to teamwork, but it can be overwhelming day after day, problem after problem, it felt like a never-ending cycle.  Initially, I relished the challenge and found it deeply satisfying to uncover solutions.  I was like a detective, exposing the system's flaws and devising ways to fix them.  However, the more I delved, the more I had to do to find the answers.  Going to work was becoming more stressful and less fulfilling as people shared more problems and fewer solutions.  

As someone with a more introverted personality, I found it draining to talk with many people all day about the on going issues.  My days weren't usually like this, but it has turned into this.  When I returned home, I would request my family give me a solid hour to exercise and unwind from the day.  I craved some time without conversation, just silence.  Fridays have taken on a new significance for me in the past few months.  Despite weekends being filled with other kids' activities or the responsibilities my husband usually handled but now can't due to the accident he was involved in a few months ago, I still prefer to be with my family than at work.  

I try to shift my attitude before going to work by having some quiet time with the Lord.  I read His word over me, pray, and declare the type of day I hope for.  My sister also sends me encouraging texts in the morning to help shift my attitude.  So, my mornings usually start on the right foot.  It's generally around early afternoon when the wrong foot comes down when people start bringing quandaries to my attention.  I tried not to verbalize my complaints, but they have been on the tip of my tongue.  

Well, one particular morning, I was tackling yet another dilemma.  I grumbled under my breath that this was too much and that someone else had better get involved because I had my own tasks that required my attention.  While shuffling papers and looking for my pen, the Holy Spirit nudged me and told me that I was dealing with so many of the fires at work because God made me a Solutionist.  Being a Solutionist means having a natural inclination and ability to find solutions to problems.  It's why I'm a magnet to the problems.  He created me to solve.  He reminded me that He taught me to strategize those results into solutions.  At that moment, I found my phone in my purse and texted my sister, even though using our phones during the work day is frowned upon.    I quickly texted my sister and reminded her that we're Solutionists.  One of our superpowers is to solve problems.  

Even though I may not enjoy it, I am learning to appreciate being a Solutionist. The next time issues come my way, I will try my best to stay in the posture of thanksgiving for my "superpower." I will continue to invite the Holy Spirit to provide the strategies and ways to resolve the issues sooner than later.  

If you find yourself with problem after problem waiting in line for you, I would like to reassure you that you're also gifted with this superpower. You have the ability to find solutions, just like me because God trusts us and provides them to us. 

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