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Word for the Year

Wow! My last post for 2021. Thanks so much for riding along on this adventure with me. Some days I wanted to push the emergency brake and park the blog for good. And then, other days, I accelerated the gas so much that I had a few post ideas waiting for their turn. Overall, it has been a labor of love as I stepped out of my comfort zone and weaved pieces of my life and, ultimately, my heart into this website.

For this entry, I would like to leave an idea my family and I completed this weekend with you. We have done this the past few years and hope you will find time to do it too. We used to craft poster-size vision boards with words and pictures from collected magazines on the first of the new year, but it became overwhelming that we would stop midway because it took more than a few days to finish. So instead of vision boards (which is still an inspirational activity if you have the time) and the traditional new year's resolutions, we dedicate a word(s) for the new year. We seek the Holy Spirit's guidance for a personal and impactful word that we focus on and lean on. In addition, we invite each family member to add to each other's word list so that we have a few words we reflect on for 365 days. The focus is not just about improving ourselves but championing one another.

Sometime next year, I will share the words I heard from the Holy Spirit and the ones from my family. For now, I'm going to keep them close and meditate on them.

2021 has been full of incredible moments, impossible challenges, and everything in between. Thankfully, I'm still standing and look forward to standing even stronger in 2022!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! Praying your 2022 is overwhelmingly blessed! May God's blessings chase after you, surround you, and overtake you more in the new year!

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