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Fountain Or Drain

My sisters used to live in Sacramento, California. The inside of their homes was always warm and inviting. They were intentional in how they decorated; from the furniture to the decorations, you felt like you were in a model home. The curbside appeal was charming and welcoming, also. Lots of vibrant and voluminous flowers with rich and luscious foliage welcomed you inside. In front of one of my sister's homes was a refreshing fountain. It wasn't too big or too small. The fountain structure was just right for her property. Whenever I visited Sacramento, I had the luxury of staying at one of my sister's homes. I loved vacationing there as I spent time with their families and created fond memories together. When I stayed with the sister who owned the fountain, I picked a bedroom towards the front of the house; this way, I can enjoy the rhythmic sounds coming from outside. You can listen to the fountain's harmonious water flowing upward and outward as it hit its base. It made excellent background music to fall asleep to. During our last family activity of sharing strengths and areas needing growth (shared in the Multiplication post (link)), It was my son's turn to provide his input. My son disclosed his observation, starting with a strong point and then proceeded with a weaker one. He openly communicated how my attitude shifts our home's atmosphere. I listened attentively to his astute observation. He continued to process his thoughts and conveyed how the whole house feels delightful and peaceful when I'm in a good mood. Conversely, when I'm not feeling my best, the entire family is affected, making it less desirable for me to be around. The more examples he expressed, the more my heart sank as I recognized the truth behind the detail. When I'm in good spirits, I'm like the fountain's rhythmic water flowing upward and outward. Water flows seamlessly. My heart is full of the right content; therefore, I can send it up and out. Unfortunately, when I'm downcast and negative, I'm like a drain; water flows downward and sorely brings everyone else down. Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." -NIV Ironically, this is what happened a few mornings ago. Something triggered my heart, and I started to become bothered and withdrawn. It was tough to break out of the funk. I wasn't sure why I was having such a difficult time. The Holy Spirit reminded me of my son's wise observation, so I knew I had to shift quickly. I had to plug the drain and redirect the flow; instead of seeping further down, I had to send it up and out. So I immediately switched gears and focused less on myself. I read the Bible. I prayed. I knew I had to renew my mind. Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind … -ESV I stopped the downward spiral of discouragement and started declaring what I knew to be true. I had to speak the opposite of the negativity my head was trying to feed me. I had to pull on the truth of what God promised me and push through. Eventually, my sister and her family moved from her home in Sacramento. I learned through her that maintaining a fountain is actually a lot of work. Fountains demand cleaning every four to six months, but outdoor fountains require it more frequently. You have to take the pipes apart, use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner to wipe the parts well. To lengthen the longevity of the fountain pipes, installing a filter helps keep debris out. Our hearts, which are similar to the outdoor fountain, deserve regular maintenance. We must keep our hearts clean and pure. We have to evaluate and reevaluate what's not right, take it "apart," and remove what is not supposed to be there. Like the soft cloth and appropriate cleaner, the Holy Spirit, who is gentle and more than qualified, will clean and wipe away what needs to be removed. Our hearts also deserve a healthy filter system that can catch all the unnecessary "debris" before it can enter into our hearts. Did you know fountains are watered regularly? I know that sounds repetitive, but fountains require fresh water. Water evaporates, so it needs to be replenished consistently. Just like our hearts, if we don't actively spend time with Jesus, we will become dry, too. Our physical bodies demand H2O to survive, and so do our spiritual bodies. Our bodies crave living water inside of us all of the time. The Bible says in John 7:38, "Believe in me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just the like the scripture says!" -TPT I know there may be draining days ahead; however, I have to make a concerted effort to sanitize my heart not to infect others. I hope the next time my family evaluates my growth, they can testify I positioned and postured my heart to be like a fountain of life for myself and those around me.

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1 Comment

Jun 02, 2021

a refreshing reminder not to be stagnant.

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