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In the Process

Even after many years of watching and supporting my son in volleyball, I'm still learning the game. You can find me always asking one of my kids what the referee call was for or what just happened. Sometimes, it's because the game moves too quickly, or I just simply don't get it.

Case in point, we had attended a high school playoff game a couple of weeks ago. I recognized the usual flow of the game until I heard my husband yell out and cheer for the setter and her quick thinking. While I was screaming for the player who hit the ball and made the point, my husband cheered for the setter. I looked at him and inquired about his choice of accolades. I didn't know why so I asked my son why his dad was cheering for the setter versus the person who made the point. And my son explained how the setter was quick in her decision to perfectly set the ball to the open person and the one who could deliver. It was a tricky play in how she saved the ball by maneuvering herself and setting the ball perfectly. She had to watch the opponent and her teammate to see who had the best outcome.

I told him that I didn't even notice, which made me start thinking of how the tendency is to focus on the final result or the goal versus giving attention to the process in the game of sports or the game of life. We can lose ourselves when we're so focused on the finish line. However, it's essential to celebrate the process of pursuing and achieving the goal.

My daughter graduates with her associate's degree tomorrow, and it was a challenging ride. I still don't know how our county approved high schoolers to take the strenuous courses these kids took the past two years. She could've remained in high school and taken the same subjects as her classmates, but she pursued this route instead. This road had some speed bumps; however, she had more personal successes. Of course, we are thrilled with her end result, but my husband and I are thankful for how she thrived and soared in the process. When she wanted to give up, she kept fighting. When all her friends took shortcuts, she remained on the grind and pushed through. I'm not certain if she had taken the road most traveled, we would've learned of her dedication, resilience, and grit early on. We knew she was ready to attend college based on her character, but observing her over the last two years, we are confident she will succeed and accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. And we can't wait to see how she will add new mileage to her process and accomplishments.

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